Apple Introduces iOS 8 For iPhone 6

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Inside a presentation in the Worldwide Designers Conference (WWDC) in Bay Area the brand new mobile operating-system iOS 8 required the middle stage. Because it was expected, Apples SVP of iOS software, Scott Forstall made an appearance around the stage to announce the launch of the OS for apple iPhone and iPad. It was welcomed through the global audience watching this conference readily and curiosity to understand about the characteristics of iOS 8. The most recent Apple mobile operating-system is envisioned having greater than 200 features.

Allows take a closer check out couple of of these.


Siri, the voice recognition tool provided by Apple using its mobile operating-system continues to be further enhanced in iOS 8. Now it offers languages like Italian, Mandarin, Catonese and much more and provide newer and more effective services to the customers. This will probably be introduced with iPad the very first time.

Siri are now able to offer more details about sports, movies, restaurants and much more. While presenting Siri in iOS 8, Scott Forstall stated Since Siri has been around since October 2011 using the Apple iPhone 6, Siri continues to be studying up and learning much more.Inch Siri are assisting at this point you to create restaurant bookings, getting movies reviews as well as tweet for you personally.

Now you'll be able to launch applications using Siri, for instance if you wish to launch Angry Wild birds just the applications title and also the Siri would get it done for you personally within the next moment. Therefore the options that come with this exclusive tool happen to be enhanced.

Social Media Facebook

iOS 8 offers something to Facebook customers. It's been made to integrate better with Facebook. Because of this selection, you're provided the ability to go in passwords only once to help you publish Facebook from a number of applications. While using new facility, you are able to publish from Apple's Safari browser.

Furthermore, Facebook may also be integrated with Apple's online application store to ensure that you are able to inform that you simply "like" particular applications, tunes and films in iTunes. You now don't require to login for your Facebook account to check on occasions and birthday celebrations of the Facebook buddies because the calendar can look in your phone itself.


The launch of iOS 8 has says the Apple's mobile products will probably possess a built-in-house mapping program. To date, Apples products were while using Google map. In recent past two companies have grown to be business rivals of one another as Google Android mobile phones and pills are giving lots of competition to Apples mobile products. These problems have motivated Apple to produce its very own map application with iOS 8. Furthermore, Google continues to be with a couple features like turn-by-turn direction spoken aloud to become solely utilized by Android products.

The brand new mapping application introduced with iOS 8 can also get a voice navigation feature. It'll provide customers real-time traffic data that'll be useful in selecting alternative ways just in case of traffic jam and obstruction.

This recently introduced map application from Apple is going to be integrated using the Siri to ensure that you are able to virtually publish traffic queries and request for directions.


iOS 8 benefits another helpful and enhanced application known as Password. This enables you to definitely collect and store boarding passes, store cards, movie tickets and all sorts of needed stuff that you need for printing and checking.

With this particular application, your device will show you even about gift certificates from hotels or restaurants that you are wanting to achieve. For availing this selection you just require to show around the location feature. Likewise, whenever you achieve a cinema or baseball stadium, check in will begin appearing around the device. Furthermore, this application is extremely helpful since it alerts you to definitely get changes and waiting times after you have been released a boarding pass.

The face-time

The face-time is yet another application that's been enhanced in iOS 8. This continues to be designed to work over 3rd generation which was formerly working only on Wi-Fi. With this particular enhanced application, you can put a phone call either using the telephone number or perhaps your Apple ID.

Aside from the abovementioned you will find a lot more features which have been supplied with the brand new operating-system. Apple has worked difficult on it and needs that it is a better proceed to counter your competition resulting from Google's Android.

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