Different Colour Variants For iPhone 6 and iPhone 5S

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A brand new rumour stated the alleged low-cost apple iPhone 6 Specs will include 3.5-inch display screen as with the Apple iPhone 5S's. Furthermore, the unit can also be thought to be shown in various colour variants similar using the fifth generation of iPod device Touch.

It appears that Apple is jumping within the bandwagon of delivering affordable mobile phone models to grow its target audience. Based on the sources reported by Taiwanese tech-business Site DigiTimes, tech giant Apple is placed to produce the stated cheaper apple iPhone 6 with 3.5-inch display screen on Q3 2013.

Thus, many thought the flagship Apple iPhone 6 may support the current display size of Apple iPhone 5, that is 4 inches.

Recent leaks in the Apple logistics established that the phone would support the four-inch screen from the apple iPhone 5, with cost-savings originating from replacing premium materials for any plastic spend and skimping on processor brawn.

Another rumour concerning the low-cost smartphone from Apple would be that the device is going to be obtainable in different colours like its cousin iPod device Touch fifth Gen. Purported pictures of apple iPhone 6 leaked online in the last days declaring the apple iPhone 6 holds true and it is, indeed, coming. Besides, the brand new cute Apple iPhone 6 cases will coming.

However, Apple Boss Tim Prepare initially stated in the D11 interview that Apple isn't focusing on a minimal-cost smartphone and won't release such device soon.

Rumour has it the next apple iPhone includes a quicker A6X processor, bigger storage capacity as much as 128GB, added security feature like the fingerprint sensor and longer battery existence.

The alleged low-cost Apple iPhone, however, is stated to achieve the specs of either the apple iPhone 5 or Apple iPhone 6 and will also be available in a number of colours.

The products are anticipated to create its debut later this season. Rumour has it the mobile phones is going to be launched in September.

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